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Inmate Family and Friends Telephone Service Information To receive calls from the correctional facility you must use a touch-tone telephone. Upon answering a call from the correctional facility you will hear an automated operator voice.  Listen carefully to the operator’s instructions. You will have the option to: Press 1 to accept the call Hang up to deny the call To block any future calls from this correctional facility press 3 for customer service or call 1-800-943-2189 If you press 1 to accept the call you will be prompted to set-up a Prepaid Destination Account or choose to bill the call collect to your home telephone number (if permitted).
Prepaid Destination Accounts With Ally, setting up a Prepaid Destination Account is easy!  A live operator will assist you.  You need one of the following forms of payment: Valid credit card or debit card Valid prepaid debit card Western Union – Send To: NCIC Inmate Phone Services PayPal Account Benefits to setting up a Prepaid Destination Account: You may add up to 10 additional phone numbers to your account at no additional cost (cell #’s, friends, family and work) Calls will connect to cell phones, subject to facility restrictions. You have access to fund your account through or automated customer service 24/7
Questions or want to set up a Prepaid Destination Account? Call 1-800-943-2189